GC Supplies

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Reliable GC Supplies and Consumables for Consistent Performance

Agilent’s GC consumables provide the reliability your lab needs, while adding innovative functionality and performance to improve your scientific outcomes. Our precision engineered GC supplies ensure reproducibility of results and dependable performance, regardless of your instrument platform. We offer a wide range of GC accessories and GC/MS supplies specifically designed and optimized for your instrument, including ferrules, nuts, tubing, inlet liners, syringes, and septa.


Column Baskets and Hangers

Agilent GC column baskets and hangers include a 6850 capillary column basket, 13-cm (5-in) basket hanger and 18-cm (7-in) ...

Column Installation Pre-Swaging Tools

Handy stainless steel tools for proper column installation lengths into the most popular GC inlets

Capillary Column Installation Kit

Agilent's GC capillary column installation kit includes a diamond-tipped pencil, 20x magnifier, ferrule and septum removal ...

Capillary Column Rinse Kit

Agilent's capillary column rinse kit for GC systems makes solvent rinsing easy. Passing solvents through the column ...

Fused Silica Tubing Cutters

Agilent fused silica tubing cutters for GCs use a pencil-shaped tool and ceramic wafer for clean, easy cuts in fused silica, glass ...

Tubing and Retention Gaps

Retention gaps are used to improve peak shapes for some types of samples, columns, and GC conditions. Deactivated and ...

Ultimate Plus Deactivated Fused Silica

Inert guard column used to extend the life of analytical columns when working with heavy matrix samples.