Vials and Closures

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Precision-Engineered Supplies for Chromatography and Spectroscopy

To ensure the stability and performance of chromatography and spectroscopy analyses, Agilent offers a range of laboratory supplies to meet the challenges of any application. Our extensive portfolio includes gas management products, including gas purifiers, tubing, traps, flow meters, and leak detectors. We also offer syringes for both Agilent and third party instruments, as well as a wide selection of vials, fittings and other laboratory consumable parts for consistent, reliable performance.


A-Line Vials

Agilent A-Line vials are the ultimate solution for your precious samples.

2 ml Crimp Top Vials & Caps

Our 2 mL crimp top vials and matching crimp caps are engineered to protect against sample loss.

2 ml Crimp/Snap Top Vials & Caps

These vials reduce sample loss and eliminate contamination, with options for snap and crimp caps.

2 ml Screw Top Vials & Caps

Our screw top vials and screw caps are constructed from first class materials to protect against sample loss and ...

Crimpers, Decappers, and Accessories

A choice of crimpers, decappers, and related accessories, including the A-Line crimper and decapper.

Headspace Vials and Caps

Our headspace vials are engineered to prevent sample contamination, and our caps provide consistently secure seals.

High Recovery Vials & Inserts

Our inserts and high recovery vials ensure you extract the maximum possible amount of sample.

Polypropylene Vials

These vials are appropriate for pH sensitive samples, sodium, and heavy metal analyses.

Storage Vials & Caps

Our storage vial kits contain PTFE-lined storage caps that offer broad chemical resistance.