SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenizers

SONOPULS Ultrasonic homogenisers are mainly used for homogenising,  desagglomerising, emulsifying, suspending, acceleration of chemical reactions as well
as for disruption of cells, bacteria, fungi or spores. Significantly reduced processing times and quickly available results make the ultrasonic homogenisers indispensable for modern processes and in analysis. Using ultrasonic homogenisers certain substances can be selectively destroyed, tedious preparation processes can be shortened and results of many reactions are improved. When sonicating samples not only μm particles
can be achieved but also particles in nm range! With many years of experience in the field of ultrasonic homogenisers we assist you in your specific application.

SONOPULS homogenizers with amplitude regulation 10 to 100 % and actual value display, pulse rate, AMPLICHRON® mode (guarantees a constant amplitude in independence of changing conditions), integrated timer, remote control. All units have a CE mark and are medical products according to the guideline for in vitro diagnostics 98/79/EG.

Fields of application:

- Disruption of cells, bacteria, virus, tissue (cell disruption)
- Production of finest emulsions
- Homogenization of substances
- Sample preparation for HPLC
- Degassing of fluids
- Sample preparation for particle size analysis 
- Acceleration of chemical reactions
- Waste-water analysis

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