1 kW tube reactor SONOBLOC® 2 inch / DN 50

The BANDELIN - tube reactor enables the ultrasonic flow treatment of high flow rates in process engineering and is also used for wire cleaning. The transducers are mounted externally at the reactor tube, so no internals restrict the flow inside the reactor tube. The tubular reactor is therefore insensitive to blockages in case of sonicating solids-containing substrates .

The main applications of the BANDELIN tube reactors are:

● Ultrasonic intensive treatment of flexible fibrous products and wire or band-shaped endless profiles
● Support of industrial and biotechnological processes in cleaning, disintegrating, degassing and disagglomerating
● Efficient cleaning by removing grease, oil, emulsions and/or crack residues with single- and multiple-wire cleaning
● CO2 degassing of aqueous reactants
● Support of disinfection (bacterial elimination) in water and wastewater treatment
● Acceleration of disintegration and/or decomposition of organic contaminant material in treatment of sludge
● Desintegration of Biogas Substrate
● Support of disinfection of bacteria- and parasite-burdened fishbreeding circulating waters
● Dispersing of solid particles in liquids (medicine production)

2 kW tube reactor SONOBLOC® 3 inch / DN 80

For the sonication of high volume flows or substrates with high solid content the 3 -inch tubular reactor has been developed. Due to the unique design the use of internals or a change in the cross section of the reactor can be dispensed with, whereby the tube reactor is insensitive to clogging. The BANDELIN - tube reactor is mainly used in biogas plants to increase the biogas yield by desintegrating biogas substrate.

UV-ultrasonic reactor

The BANDELIN UV ultrasonic reactor has been specifically designed for use in water treatment, aquaculture and wastewater disinfection and successfully tested in numerous practical applications. Parasites are killed by the ultrasonic treatment and finest agglomerations in the medium are destroyed and therefore open to the disinfection by intense UV radiation. Another positive effect of ultrasound is the cleaning of the UV lamp and the effective prevention of algae ( fouling ) on the lamp surface during operation .

The UV-ultrasonic reactor is used for the following applications

● Elimination of germs and parasites in the circulation water of aquaculture systems (fish and ornamental fish farming, leech farming)
●Disinfection (elimination of bacteria) during water and sewage treatment.

VORTEX reactor

The defined conduction of the liquid medium trough a double slit in BANDELIN vortex reactor guarantees a homogeneous ultrasonic treatment at the ultrasound emitting surface of the reactor tube and the intense cavitation field in the area of the double slit. An additional turbulence item at the entry of the reactor further improves the homogenization of the liquid medium.                   

 The main applications for the VORTEX reactor are:

● Intensifying of industrial, biotechnological and chemical processes, disintegrating, degassing and disagglomerating
● Intense degassing of dye solutions and photographic emulsions
● CO2 degassing of aqueous reactants
● Support of disinfection (bacterial elimination) in water and wastewater treatment
● Disinfection of organic contaminant material in industrial rinsing liquids for recycling
● Support of disinfection of bacteria- and parasite-burdened fishbreeding circulating waters
● Producing of finest polishing pastes for wafer industry
● Homogenizing of pigments in oil (producing of ink)

Sectional view UV ultrasonic reactor

UV 5-1002.05

Sectional view VORTEX reactor


Sectional view tube reactor

SB 8-1002.1

Sectional view tube reactor

SB 101-2002

tube reactor bloc RB
reactor bloc WB
UV-reactor bloc AQ
  8-1002 8-1004 101-2002 4-1402 4-1503 4-1604 5-1002.05
flow rate (l/min) 1-100 1-50 3,5-50
internal pressure, max. (bar) 10 10 2 (UV-Lamp)
solid particles (mm) < 50 < 80 < 5 < 5
power density, max (W/l) 500 444 480 520 550 420
power max. (W) 1000 2000 1400 1500 1600 1000
frequency (kHz) 25 40 25 25 25 / 40 40 25
wave length UV-C 254 nm
reaction tube tube 2" / DN 50 tube 3" 15 mm gap between 2 tubes gap between 2 tubes
tube material
stainless steel AISI 316Ti
dimensions (mm)
dia. 60,3 x 3,6 dia. 88,9 x 3,6 dia.139,7 x 2,6; dia. 104 x 2 Ø 88,9 x 3,6; Ø 48,3 x 2
dimensions of housing 
(l x w x h) (mm)
260 x 150 x990 dia. 370 x 1215 290 x 290 x 642 895 x 895 x 1000
built-in length (mm) 1215 856
Degree of protection IP 22, optional IP 65 IP 65 IP 22 IP 30
weight, net (kg) 35 50 50 55
HF-generator (separate) LG 1001 T LG 2002 T LG 1510 T LG 2002 T LG 1001 T-UV
Connecting options Fitting lengths of the VORTEX reactor WB 4 options Fitting lengths of the tube reactor SB 8 options
tube with 2"-victaulic connection 856 mm 1215 mm
tube with external thread R 2" 856 mm 1215 mm
tube with flange
DIN 2633 ND 16 DN 50
796 mm 1100 mm
tube with clamp connectors (Tri-Clamp),
DIN 32676, clamping piece ISO, DN 50
856 mm 1215 mm
Accessories – optional for integration Type Code No.
Victaulic-connection set VAS 2 8368
Consisting of:
2 pieces of 2" victaulic coupling AISI 316Ti with EPDM-sealing
2 pieces stainless steel tube connection, AISI 316Ti, Ø 60,3 × 3,6 × 100 mm long, for welding into existing pipe system
Clamp connection set (Tri-Clamp) KAS 2 8369
Consisting of:
2 pieces clamp for flange size 77,5 mm
2 pieces clamp tube connection ISO, short DN 50,AISI 316Ti, dia. 60,3 × 2 × 28 mm long,  for welding into existing pipe system