DVLS DHA Analyzers

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers various automated solutions for a Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) to determine the individual hydrocarbon components in light petroleum streams such as naphtha, reformate and gasoline. All DHA Analyzers are based upon the flexible, reliable Agilent 7890 GC configured with dedicated columns, injection ports and detectors.


All DHA solutions comply with the standard ASTM test methods for a detailed hydrocarbon analysis:  

  • ASTM D5134 
  • ASTM D6729
  • ASTM D6730
  • ASTM D6733
  • ASTM D7900

The DHA configuration is based on the Agilent Gas Chromatograph configured for a test method with the required hardware and software components:

DHA Analyse FCC Sample

DHA Analysis of Crude Oil

DHA Analysis of an FCC sample DHA Analysis of a Crude oil

PetroReporter is a universal software tool that automates data processing of petroleum samples. After data processing PetroReporter creates the required DHA reports. Some examples are: Chromatogram plot of the peak labels over a user selectable time interval, Individual hydrocarbons & group types, Oxygenates, PIONA report, TBP distribution, Properties summary of Bromine Number, Gross and Nett Heat of Combustion of liquid, Reid Vapor Pressure, RON and MON values, Specific Gravity.