DVLS GC Fractionator

In cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions has developed the GC Fractionator: an application that automates the collection of micro fractions for a GC-MS analyis. Essential part of the application is the XYZ sampler combined with the Da Vinci smart grip.


Gas chromatography (GC) is a superior technique for separating many compounds. The fractionation of compounds from a GC analysis requires a complex setup and allows to collect only a limited number of fractions. Therefore a post-column fractionation after a liquid chromatography analysis is preferably used. The VU university of Amsterdam developed a new analytical technology for a highly efficient, high-resolution and high-yield fractionation of compounds after a GC separation. Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions engineered the dedicated hardware parts and also developed the software to automate the fractionation.

GC Fractionator front GC Fractionator smart grip result viewer
GC Fractionator Smart Grip Collector Result Viewer



  • A robust, easy to operate and automated GC fractionation solution
  • Fractionation of complete chromatograms in a second scale resolution
  • Multiple injections for repeated fractionation in the same wells or vials allow for increased concentration of separated compounds
  • The combination of powerful GC separations with the sensitivity and selectivity of a bioassay/MS allows identification of bioactives by direct correlation
  • Parallel split to on-line chemical analysis makes it possible to correlate on-line chromatography with collected fractions for further off-line analysis
  • Post-column cell seeding approach makes a direct transfer to bioassays possible without the need for additional pipetting steps and dilutions
  • For environmental samples our GC fractionation in combination with endocrine disrupting cellular bioassays enables rapid, high resolution and straightforward Effect Directed Analysis (EDA)


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Article in Journal of Chromatography A.: Gas chromatography fractionation platform featuring parallel flame-ionization detection and continuous high-resolution analyte collection in 384-well plates

Article in Analytical Chemistry: High-Resolution Fractionation after Gas Chromatograpy for Effect-Directed analysis