DVLS SimDist Analyzers

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers a complete range of SimDist Analyzers that comply with all standard test methods of ASTM, DIN, EN, IP and ISO for a simulated distillation. Each DVLS SimDist analyzer is based upon the Agilent 7890B Series Gas Chromatograph configured with the required hardware and software components.


The SimDist analyzers comply with all standard test methods of ASTM, DIN, EN, IP and ISO for a simulated distillation: 

  • ASTM D2887, D5442, D6352, D7096, D7169, D7213, D7398, D7500 
  • IP 406, IP 480, IP 507, IP 545
  • ISO 3924
  • DIN 51.435
  • EN 15199-1, EN 15199-2, EN 15199-3  

The SimDist analyzers are based upon the Agilent 7890B Series GC configured for a test method with the required hardware and software components:


The DVLS Programmable Temperature Inlet is a dedicated SimDist inlet that:

  • Allows direct injectionSpecial PTI inlet SimDist
  • Provides stable blank runs
  • Minimizes carry over
  • Has no dead volume
  • Avoids discrimination of heavy components

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PetroReporter is a universal software tool that automates data processing of petroleum samples. After data processing PetroReporter creates the required SimDist reports. Some examples are: Alkane profile report, cut point distribution report, distillation reports and correlation reports.

SimDist ASTM D2887 light diesel analysis SimDist n-alkane analysis
 ASTM D2887 Analysis of a Diesel ASTM D2887 Analysis of a calibration sample


Are you interested in a SimDist training course? Please check the date and details here on the training courses Da Vinci offers.