GAS FlavourSpec

The FlavourSpec represents the synergies of a fast gas chromatograph and the outstanding sensitivity of an IMS. It enables the selective detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the headspace of solid and liquid samples.


The FlavourSpec is a device made for the food control that measures VOCs in the head-space of liquids or solids. Besides the possibility of quantifying single compounds, a purpose-made software allows to match the peak pattern with sensory wise defined flavours. The result classifies unknown samples and characterizes e.g. their quality. This concept corresponds to the so-called 'electronic nose', whereas the FlavourSpec does a physical separation/detection of the volatile compounds due to its GC-IMS arrangement.


The stand-alone IMS enables the use of the IMS technology in very demanding gas phase applications where high separation capabilities and/or sensitivity are needed. Compared to other detectors the IMS offers a second dimension of eparation and by that full orthoganality so that co-eluting compounds can still be separated before they are detected at low-/sub ppb level. According to the laws of IMS that operates at atmospheric pressure ions are separated by their mass nd structure so that isomeric compounds can also be separated.

The device comes as ready-to-couple with softwares for setting of detector parameters same as drift gas flow. The provided transfer line is temperature-controlled to avoid ‘cold spots‘. With the oven exit on the right the GC-typical MSD mass sensitive detector), usually located on the left side, can still be used in parallel.