As the partner of iCD we offer VALIDAT. Throughout more than twenty years, VALIDAT established itself as the leading software solution for efficient method validation. VALIDAT helps you in saving up to 70% of time and costs in method validation


Gain more profit for your work from our competence. VALIDAT helps you in saving up to 70% of time and costs in method validation. From more than 20 years of practical experience we know: method validation is an essential task in every analytical laboratory. The systematic verification of a measurement method’s suitability often leads to high expenditures of time and costs — especially where the appropriate analytical tools are missing and the planning, testing and execution of all necessary steps are carried out with standard office applications that must be assured by the use of expensive review processes.

  • Which parameters of a method must be considered?
  • Which statistics are relevant?
  • Do the calculations comply with the regulations and guidelines?
  • Operation procedures must be reviewed and approved.
  • Measurement values must be transferred via cross-check procedures.

We offer a convincing solution for all these questions: VALIDAT, the leading solution providing certified quality for all types of method validation.


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