Absorption air dryer


The supply of compressed air in laboratories is of vital use.
But it contains water, oil and dust that can damage pneumatic instruments and affect the life of analytical instruments.
Air dryers are therefore the ideal solution for laboratories, providing clean, dry compressed air at the point of use.


Protection of analytical instruments 

Clean, dry, oil-free compressed air is guaranteed, eliminating the possibility of corrosion caused by solid particles, water and oil.

Simple installation and Economical

By producing clean, dry air from an existing compressed air system, you save money on the use of cylinders for critical applications.

Enhanced security

The use of treated compressed air provides good instrument air quality, eliminating the need to change the laboratory's high pressure cylinders.


  • Quality of the air obtained : 
    - Water dew point: - 40 ° C 
    - Particles <1 micron
  • Patented PSA technology : Fully automatic operation and regeneration
  • Complete purification unit Incorporating pre and post filtration and condensate drain
  • Turnkey system : Compact, significant space saving
  • Easy maintenance : It consists of changing filters and desiccant in the form of cartridges
  • PLC screen : Dryer status, indication of maintenance with alarm
  • ENERGY SAVING Option : Built-in hygrometer to adjust regeneration cycles to output dew point