Multi-Functional Pyrolysis System

The Multi-Functional Pyrolysis System consists of the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D) and its accessories. This system is able to rapidly characterize virtually any material.

Multi-functional system and related products

Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D)



  1. Significant improvement in cycle time of analyses
    The new development of a lower heat capacity ceramic heater enhances more rapid heating and cooling rate as well as broader pyrolysis temperature ranging from room temperature up to 1050°C.
  2. Guaranteed reliability and reproducibility
    Inertness of flow path, elution of high boiling compounds as well as reproducibility of pyrograms and thermograms are guaranteed (Detector: MS)
  3. Analysis of any sample form
    Any sample forms can be chemically characterized by multiple, thermal techniques:
    (1) Evolved Gas Analysis
    (2) Thermal Desorption Analysis
    (3) Single-Shot Analysis
    (4) Double-Shot Analysis
    (5) Heart-cut EGA-GC/MS Analysis
    (6) Reactive Pyrolysis Analysis
    (7) UV Pyrolysis Analysis
    (8) High Pressure Reactive Analysis

NEW F-Search System Ver. 3.6 – search software with polymer and additive libraries



The system consists of F-Search software and four types of libraries listed below. The F-Search system allows you to rapidly search the libraries for polymers and additives. In the latest Ver. 3.6, the number of polymers stored in all three polymer libraries has been greatly increased.

1) EGA-MS polymer library 1000 polymers stored (300 newly added)
2) PyGC-MS polymer library 1000 polymers stored (300 newly added)
3) Pyrolyzate-MS library : 268 polymers stored (103 newly added)
4) ADD-MS library 494 additives stored

Single-Shot Pyrolyzer (PY-3030S)


Dedicated for pyrolysis.

Auto-Shot Sampler (AS-1020E)


A 48 position auto sampler compatible with both the single and multi shot pyrolyzers used for pyrolysis, TD or EGA.

Micro-UV Irradiator (UV-1047Xe)


The effects of “weather” upon exposure to the photo / thermal oxidative degradation process can quickly be evaluated.

NEW Multi-Sample UV Irradiator (UV-1048E)


An option for Micro UV Irradiator (UV-1047Xe). It can simultaneously irradiate a maximum of 18 polymer samples in accelerated deterioration tests.

MicroJet Cryo-Trap (MJT-1035E)

Cryo-traps low boiling compounds at the front of capillary column by cooling a spot of the column to -196°C using Liq. N2. The universal design allows it to work with most sample introduction devices.

Selective Sampler (SS-1010E)


Any set of EGA thermal zones can be heart-cut and the components introduced into a capillary column or vented.

Carrier Gas Selector (CGS-1050Ex)


A device for the quick and easy switching of carrier gases. It is useful for the analysis of atmospheric oxidation and environmental pollutants.

NEW F-Search System Ver. 3.6 (search engine & libraries)


Characterizes polymeric materials and additives from pyrograms and EGA thermograms.

On-line Micro Reaction Sampler (PY1-1050)


Seal sample and reagent in a glass capsule and after the high pressure, high temperature reaction inside EGA/PY-3030D, the capsule is shattered and the reaction products are introduced on-line into a GC separation column.

Micro TD Sampler (PY1-1060)


Volatile organic compounds adsorbed on Tenax, activated carbon or other sorbents can be concentrated and analyzed using the EGA/PY-3030D pyrolyzer.

Vent-free GC/MS Adapter


Allows switching a separation column and EGA tube without venting the MS system.

NEW Micro Sample Collector


This is a very useful tool used to collect a small amount of liquids or paste-like materials that are difficult to pick up using tweezers.

Magic Chemisorber


Solid phase extraction element bounded thick polydimethylsiloxane onto outer surface of a titanium tube.


Micro puncher

Convenient tool for sampling film-like materials.

Sampling Tool Kit 01

Sampling Tool Kit 01

A set of various types of tools to sample solid polymers for Pyrolysis-GC/MS.

NEW Sampling Tool Kit 02

Sampling Tool Kit 02

Ten tools have been newly added to the existing Sampling Tool Kit 01. By selecting the right tool for the form of sample, you can collect samples easily.

NEW Phthalate-free Quartz Wool


Ultra clean quartz wool and ready to use without any further treatment. Contains extremely low level of seven phthalates guaranteed by test certificate.

NEW Polymer Coated Cup G


Auto-Shot Sampler can be used in analysis of low boiling phthalates using thermal desorption GC/MS. Simply add phthalates standard solution and ready to use.


Stainless steel; the entire surface has been coated by quartz thin film.

Eco-cup G series


G series sample cups are made of pyrex glass. Because the cups are made of glass, the sample position, sample color change, residues, and contamination can be observed.

Auto-Rx Disc


Allows the use of the Auto-Shot Sampler when using reactive pyrolysis-GC with TMAH.

Parts and Consumables


Parts and Consumables