Refinery Gas Analyzer

Refinery gas in general includes a variety of gasmixtures coming from a wide range of sources in the refining process of crude oil. Measuring these gas compositions precisely and accurately is a significant challenge in today’s refinery operations. This requires a versatile, flexible and robust analyzer.

The JAS Refinery Gas Analyzer (Mach-RGA) is such a dedicated analyzer, designed to analyse these gases in a fast, accurate and repeatable way.

The Mach-RGA meets or exceeds the scopes of a number of different industry-specific official methods like ASTM D 1946, D 2163, D 2597, UOP 539, DIN 51666, etc.

The Facts

The JAS Mach-RGA is a multi-channel analyzer based on the Agilent 7890 GC, equipped with two Thermal Conductivity Detectors (TCD's), one Flame Ionization Detector (FID) and a JAS ValveBox option. This valve box option accommodates the sampling- and columnswitching valves as well as the micro-packed columns.

Each channel is fully independent and designed to determine the concentration of all permanent gases, including hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide and the individual saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon components up to and including C5 (C6 and higher components as a composite peak) and in a single analysis. The parallel set-up of the channels allow you to run these channels simultaneously resulting in a short analysis time of less than 5 minutes (including H2S: 7 min.).

The Options

JAS has various options available to adapt and extend the Mach-RGA to your specific application(s):

  • Liquid sampling valves for LPG sampling
  • Longer Alumina PLOT column for improved separation of impurities in bulk hydrocarbon-streams
  • JAS Report Generator Software for automatic calculation of the preferred physical properties after each analysis
  • JAS Methanizer for trace level CO and CO2 analysis
  • JAS GICU, the Gas Injection Control Unit. The GICU is a "state of the art" loop filling manager, which p.a. delivers reproducible results for gaseous matrices with variable pressures.