DST-3/6 Automated Disintegration Tester


  • Microprocessor controlled time and temperature
  • Audible end of run signal
  • Modular design for 1 to 6 simultaneous tests
  • Single in-line layout for ease of viewing all basket assemblies
  • Meets or exceeds all USP requirements and specifications
  • Rugged construction for years of dependable performance

The DST-3/6 automated disintegration tester is the latest device specifically designed for USP required testing of the disintegration time threshold for solid dosage medication.

The design uses a programmable microprocessor to control and monitor the testing process. The single in-line layout allows all baskets to easily be viewed throughout each run. Each water tank holds 3 beakers; the 2 water tank design can perform with a total of 6 baskets.

With its advanced features it is simple to set up and operate. The operator inputs the length of the run, loads the tablets, and presses the start button.

A series of beeps are emitted as an alert that one minute is left before the test ends. At the conclusion of the run, the basket assemblies are automatically lifted out of the beakers and left in a fully raised position for ease of viewing.