FAB-2S Friability Tester


  • Meets all current USP, BP guidelines
  • LED Display for TIME or COUNTER
  • Microprocessor technology control system
  • Easy-to-use input key pad
  • Modular design for one or two drums
  • Rugged construction for years of dependable performance

The FAB-2S Friability Tester is the latest device to test the mechanical strength of tablets, meeting all current USP and BP requirements. The FAB-2S is designed for use with both friability and abrasion drums, and either one or two drums can be used at a time. The speed of the rotation is variable from 20-70 RPM as per user selection.

In use, the operator loads the tablets into the drum, and places it on the drive shaft. The test time or number of rotations can be selected and easily entered via the keypad. The inputted data and rotation or time countdown are clearly indicated on the LED display.

The drums are constructed from Plexiglas and separated into two parts, the drum body and drum cover. The cover is easily removed to facilitate filling or discharging of the samples and cleaning the inside of the drum. The FAB-2S is made of high quality metal with an acid resistant finish and meets all GLP requirements.