FDC-24 Dry-Heat Diffusion Cell System


  • Available in Franz Cell Versions
  • Two Zone Stirring Control – 12 DHC cells per zone
  • Fast Set Up and Removal of Cells
  • Temperature Control +/- 1 Degree C
  • High Speed Stirring
  • Turn Key Operation
  • Upgradeable to Full Automation

LOGAN FDC-24 TRANSDERMAL DIFFUSION CELL DRIVE CONSOLE is designed to perform Transdermal Diffusion Testing, up to 24 Franz cells can be tested at the same time. This dry heat system has no need for water heater, the Logan DHC cells are placed on heated blocks. Skin is mounted between the cell cap (donor) and cell body (receptor). The dermis is bathed from below by an isotonic saline solution injected through a port provided for such purpose. Temperature is maintained at 37°C by thermostatically controlled heater block, which all the heat transfers into the glass cells.

Homogenous distribution of the temperature in the saline bathing solution is accomplished by agitation motion of a Teflon-coated magnetic bar, driven by an external magnet mounted on a timing motor. The cell cap is open to the air, exposing the epidermis to the ambient condition of the laboratory environment. The open cap also allows for finite dose application of study compound to the epidermis micropipette of stirring rod.