FDC-6 Transdermal Diffusion Cell Drive System


  • Modular design for system expansion
  • Easily to link up with automated device (optional) for precision sampling from Franz cells with automatic media replacement function
  • User-friendly program with HPLC online system available
  • Designed to test creams, lotions, ointments, and patches

The FDC-6 Transdermal Diffusion Cell Drive Console is remarkably simple to use. Skin is mounted between the cell cap (donor) and the cell body (receptor). The dermis is bathed from below with an isotonic saline solution injected through a port provided for that purpose.

Temperature is maintained at 37ÂșC by thermostatically controlled water that enters the lower port of the water jacket and circulates out through an upper port. Warm water is supplied and circulated by two (upper and lower) manifolds that are connected to a constant temperature bath.

Homogeneous distribution of temperature in the saline bathing solution is accomplished by the agitating motion of a Teflon-covered magnetic stirring bar, driven by an external magnet and mounted on a timing motor.

The cell cap is open to the air, exposing the epidermis to the ambient conditions of the laboratory environment. The open cap also allows for finite dose application of study compounds to the epidermis by use of a micropipette or stirring rod.