LOGAN DHC-6T Dry Heat Transdermal System


  • Heating block design for parallel heating
  • Interchangeable glass cell volumes, no more broken Franz cells
  • Manual or automatic tilting system to purge air bubbles
  • Modular design for system expansion
  • Designed to test creams, lotions, ointments, and patches
  • Built-in sampling device
  • New cleaner look with light covers
  • Patent Pending

The DHC-6T Dry Heat Transdermal System is remarkably simple to use, the DHBF Cells (Dry Heat Bubble Free Cells) are constructed with molded Teflon donors and precision cut glass bodies. Skin is mounted between the cell cap (donor) and the cell body (receptor). The dermis is bathed from below with an isotonic saline solution injected through the bottom port, which flows thru the upper port to provide contact with no bubbles under the skin.

Temperature is maintained at 37ºC with a thermostatically controlled heater block. Users can easily insert the DHBF Cells into the cell slots, which will be maintained within ± .3°C of the set temperature. Homogeneous distribution of temperature in the saline bathing solution is accomplished by the agitating motion of a Teflon-covered magnetic stirring bar, driven by an external magnet, which is mounted on a timing motor.

The cell cap is open to the air, exposing the epidermis to the ambient conditions of the laboratory environment. The open cap also allows for finite dose application of study compounds to the epidermis by use of a micropipette or stirring rod.

All the DHBF Cells are installed in a light protection chamber. The samples are taken from the bottom of each DHBF Cell with pre-mounted syringes prior to the media replacement. All the DHBF Cells tilt up while the media replacement is taking place to allow all the bubbles to purge out.