LOGAN HDT-400L Hardness Tester


  • Thickness, hardness and diameter measurements from one test
  • Printout of calibration data via external printer
  • Can interface with an external balance via optional PC and software package
  • Manual or automatic testing
  • Automatic statistical calculations for:
    mean value, absolute and relative standard deviation

The Logan HDT-400L Hardness Tester is the latest device specifically designed for hardness, as well as thickness and diameter testing of tablets, caplets and cores. HDT- 400L can be linked up with a balance to input the tablet weight and do the complete calculation and reports. A programmable microprocessor controls the system and provides all test results and statistical calculations on a digital LCD display. A parallel port is supplied standard for an optional printer.

With its advanced features the HDT-400L hardness ranges are as follows: 5-350 N, the diameter and thickness 2 – 35 mm. The hardness measurement units can be selected as N, Kp, Sc the diameter and thickness measurement units can be selected as mm or inch.

The user lifts the top cover and loads the sample onto the tray. The test may then proceed in automatic (for up to 99 samples) or manual mode. A removable plastic tray is attached under the measurement compartment and a small hand held brush is provided to neatly retrieve sample fragments. The instrument calibration is simple to perform on any flat surface with standard tools.