LOGAN SFDC-6 Diffusion Cell Drive System


  • Modular design for system expansion
  • Set up for 3 sets of Franz Diffusion Cells and 3 sets of Side-by-Side Cells
  • Complete turn key system with temperature control system (water heater/circulator/tank)
  • Designed to test creams, lotions, ointments, and patches

The SFDC-6 Transdermal Diffusion Cell Drive Console is remarkably simple to operate; the system comes with the water heater and all the accessories. This drive console can operate 3 sets of Franz Diffusion Cells and 3 sets of Side-by-Side Cells. The SS console top is a good working surface for preparing the samples. For the Franz Cell, skin is mounted between the cell cap (donor) and the cell body (receptor). The dermis is bathed from below with an isotonic saline solution injected through a port provided for that purpose. For the Side-by-Side Cells, skin is mounted between 2 cells

Temperature is maintained at 32ÂșC by thermostatically controlled water that enters the water jacket of the cells. Warm water is supplied and circulated by two (upper and lower) manifolds that are connected to a constant temperature bath. Homogeneous distribution of temperature in the saline bathing solution is accomplished by the agitating motion of a Teflon-covered magnetic stirring bar, driven by an external magnet and mounted on a timing motor.

The SFDC-6 Drive Console has 2 zones; one is to control the stir of the Franz Cells and the other zone is for the Side-by-Side Cells.