LOGAN UDT-812 Universal Dissolution Testers


  • LCD touch screen for speed, temperature and time control
  • Self-centering vessel design, self-calibrating speed and temperature control system
  • Power lift for fast motion, vertical lift to ensure the centering between shafts and vessels
  • Positive grip chuck design & one piece molded water bath
  • Space saving built-in heater circulator
  • Height adjustable platform to seal water tank

LOGAN UDT-812 Serious Dissolution Tester is the newest apparatus for dissolution testing required by USP. This 8-vessel dissolution tester is designed for easy operation and built to operate continuously. The two additional vessels can be used for blank, standard or media replacement. The built in heating circulator saves bench space.

Paddle and basket height are set electronically. The no-vibration and self-calibrating design ensures all tablets dissolve at the true speed and same temperature. The acid resistant ves sel plate and height adjustable platform seal the water tank to limit evaporation.

Several options are available with the UDT-812 Serious Dissolution Testers including manual sampling manifold to link the instrument with other instruments such as UV or HPLC systems or syringes for manual sampling, a tablet-dropping tray.

UDT-812 Serious Dissolution Testers performance exceed the requirements of USP, BP, E P and JP.