MDS-600PL Media Delivery System


  • The mobile unit brings the pre-heat degassed media to dissolution testers
  • Fills 6 vessels to the same volume simultaneously
  • Media de-aerated by heat, high speed circulation, filtration and vacuum
  • Temperature accuracy controlled to +/- .2 C. Timer control to automatically start the system
  • Simultaneously delivers 6 vessels up to 1000 ml within 2 minutes
  • Detachable Oxygen meter to check oxygen dissolving rate to meet USP requirements
  • Printer report for Date, Time, Media Type. Media Volume, Temperature, Oxygen Dissolving Rate, pH

MDS-600PL Media Delivery System is a newly automated and portable media preparatio n and delivery system. It is designed to dispense accurate volumes of dissolution media and is compatible with all major brands of dissolution testers. The MDS-600PL fills 6 ves sels simultaneously with a repeatable volume of better than  0.5% of set volume. The media is degassed by heat, vacuum, filtration and circulation. The MDS-600PL has a pri nter, which records the date, time, media type, volume, temperature, Oxygen dissolving l evel and pH can be record from external device . The programmable timer for automatic start the pre-heat and degassing , MDS-600PL has preset volumes of 250, 500, Custom (defaulted at 750), 900, 1000 ml or any user volume. It has been successfully used with all types of surfactants.

When everything is ready the user takes the MDS-600PL delivery manifold to the dissolu tion baths and the manifold is positioned over the test vessels. Pressing the start switch begins the media delivery and less than two minutes are required to complete simultaneous 1000 milliliter delivery to all six test vessels. After the media delivered into the vessels, user checks the oxygen dissolving by provide oxygen meter and record the oxygen disso lving rate on the printer.