MDS-600T Table Top Media Delivery System


  • Table top unit fills media into 6 dissolution vessels
  • Six vessels filled to the same volume simultaneously
  • Volume delivered to better than ±1%
  • Degassed by filtration, circulation, vacuum and heat

The MDS-600T is a table top media preparation and delivery system. It will dispense precise volumes of media into 6 dissolution vessels for transfer to all major brands of dissolution testers. The MDS-600T fills 6 vessels simultaneously with a repeatable volume of better than ± 1%, with temperature accuracy controlled to ± 0.2°C.

The media is de-aerated by heat, vacuum filtration and high-speed circulation. Volume is preset at the factory for 250, 500, 750, 900 or 1000 ml. (Other volumes can be specified at the time of ordering.) It has been successfully used with most common surfactants.

In use, the user places the 6 empty vessels into the carrier and puts the carrier below the MDS-600T. Select the desirable volume from the front panel and press the delivery switch. The preheated/degassed media precisely transfers into 6 dissolution vessels. User can bring the vessel carrier to the dissolution tester.