N2 Ultra High Purity Generator
N2.UHP.10L / ZN2.UHP.10L / N2.HP.16L / N2.UHP.16L / ZN2.UHP.18L

The MicroPROGEL Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Generators are engineered to transform standard compressed air into a safe regulated supply of Nitrogen with a purity up to 99.9995%.
They are equipped with columns containing carbon molecular sieve that remove the oxygen, some hydrocarbons, moisture and carbon dioxide and subsequently release only ultra high pure Nitrogen gas.
The ZN2.UHP.10L series is also equipped with a catalyst module to remove hydrocarbons(<0.1ppm).



Increased laboratory efficiency

A constant, uninterrupted gas supply of guaranteed purity eliminates interruptions of analyses to change cylinders and reduces the amount of instrument re-calibrations required.

Improved economy

Pure nitrogen gas produced as standard

Improved safety

Nitrogen produced at low pressure and ambient temperature removes the need for high pressure cylinders

Security of supply

Integral oil free air compressor as an option guarantees continuous gas supply, independent of in house compressed air supply

Simple installation

Gas generators can be installed in the laboratory, on or under a bench, eliminating the need for long gas lines from cylinders secured elsewhere


  • Fully regenerative PSA technology; reduced risk of gas contamination and phthalate free
  • Various flow rate
  • Options : 
    - Integral oil free air compressor 
    - Oxygen analyser 
    - Catalyst module for hydrocarbons level < 0.05ppm
  • Quiet thanks to the Soundproofed compressor boxand anti-vibration features
  • Auto start
  • Audible and Alarm display with help menu and history log
  • Outlet flow indicator
  • Visual maintenance indication with history log
  • Energy saving Mode: Enables the compressor to switch off when nitrogen supply is not required
  • Remote acess to screen using internet via USB port. To learn more, click here

Product Features

  • GC
  • ICP
  • TOD
  • DMA
  • TMA
  • TGA
  • DSC

Main Applications

  • Generates Nitrogen on demand from external compressed air
  • Designed to run 24 hours a day
  • Less bulky than the Nitrogen high pressure cylinders and safe improvement due to their elimination from laboratory
  • Low power, low noise, low maintenance
  • Internal Nitrogen tank
  • Catalyst module to remove hydrocarbons in ZN2.UHP.XXL series


Exclusive advantages

  • Exclusive electronic flow control that allows to generate Nitrogen with higher purity using a smaller volume of air and consequent reducing energy costs and the maintenance of external compressor
  • Continuous control of the operating parameters to maintain the system at its maximum efficiency

Technical Specifications

Model: N2.UHP.10L ZN2.UHP.10L N2.HP.16L N2.UHP.16L ZN2.UHP.18L
N2 outlet
Flow rate (max) 10 l/min 16 l/min 18l/min
Outlet pressure (max) Air Inlet pressure – 2 bar
Nitrogen purity 99.9995% @ 10 l/min* 99.99% @
99.999% @
99.999% @
Outlet particulate 0.01 micron
Outlet particulate <0.1 ppm <0.1 ppm
Air intel
Air inlet requirement Particulate: <1 micron
Dewpoint: < -40°C (-40°F)
Oil: <0.01 mg/m³
Flow rate (max) 85 l/min 105 l/min
Min supply pressure 6.5 bars / 95 psi
Max supply pressure 10 bars / 145 psi
Recommended temperature < 30°C (86°F)
LCD with touch screen Included
RS232 For service
General data
Supply rating 100-240Vac 50/60Hz – 1A
Connection type IEC320-C13
Installation power (max) 50W (60VA)
Fuse rating 1A -240Vac (5x20mm)
Net weight <90 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 350 x 340 x 1200
Outlet port 1/4″ female BSPP
Inlet port 1/4″ female BSPP
Drain port 1/4″ female BSPP
Operating/storage conditions
Temperature 5-25°C (41-77°F)
Humidity (max, non condensing) 70.00%
Noise <25dB(A)
IP rating IP20
Pollution degree rating 2 (with no aromatic compounds)
Altitude < 2000m

* Performances data is based on 110psi inlet air pressure and 20-25 °C ambient temperature