Model 9017 Marine Ballast Water Analyzer

Marine Ballast Water Analyzer

  • Developed specifically for the demands of marine environments, OI Analytical's new Model 9017 Marine Ballast Water Analyzer was engineered to meet the stringent United States Coast Guard (USCG) standards. The 9017 monitors and controls total chlorine and residual oxidants around the clock, while connected to a Ballast Water Management System with user-programmable cycle times and alarms. More efficient than competitive systems, the 9017 uses significantly less reagent and requires less maintenance. Features include:

    Model 9017 Features:

    Accurately determine total chlorine and the residual oxidant
    Conforms to all USCG and IMO G8 BWMS environmental requirements
    Meets US Coast Guard Requirements
    ABS Marine Class Approval (pending)
    Lower TCO - Reagents last 3x longer than competitive technologies
    Reagent cooler for extended reagent life
    Simple operation and connectivity with BWMS
    User-selectable cycle times and alarm outputs
    Rugged, durable, corrosion-resistant polycarbonate enclosure
    4-20 mA output and RS-485 modbus (RTU or ASCII) communications
    Based on USEPA Accepted Methodology - Standard Method 4500-Cl G, DPD colorimetric method
    Accurate across varying salinities