Steel Furniture

Laboratory furniture and casework from Wholesome Singapore and Indonesia offers all steel, flush front construction, integral cabinets welded with interchangeable doors and drawers, and so much more.  The Steel casework, base cabinets, tall cabinets and fume hoods are Epoxy powder coated to produce optimum coating properties for corrosion resistance, long wear and high resistance to the effects of humidity, gases, vapors, chemical and acids attack.

Wholesome Epoxy resin work surfaces, worktops and laboratory fitments complete the work toppings of the steel casework and offer excellent resistance to most if not all solvents, alkalies and acids used in modern labs.  The low sheen, non-glare finish to Wholesome Epoxy black work surfaces are extremely durable and easily maintained when the proper and prescribed maintenance is performed.  Epoxy resin laboratory tops and work surfaces have been the industry standard for nearly 50 years and are specified and suitable for use when high chemical and physical resistance properties are demanded by architects, consultants and end users.

Wholesome Steel Casework and Fume Hoods are available in a virtually limitless array of colors. In addition to the popular standard finishes, we can produce your Steel cabinets and fume hoods in almost any custom color, or in a combination of colors. Minimum order requirements are desired for Special colors.

Our primary supplier / producer of all steel sheet material used in the making of WHOLESOME Steel Furniture, Fume Hoods, etc reports that 20% to 25% average recycled scrap content is utilized in the making of all 14ga., 16 ga., 18 ga. sheets of cold rolled steel product. We are pleased to offer that product to the marketplace and do our part to substantially participate in GreenGuard / LEED processes.

All of the Wholesome casework is offered at the South East Asian facilities in Singapore and Indonesia, for export throughout SEA.  Combine the supply of Steel Cabinetry with Wholesome Duratop Epoxy laboratory tops and sinks or solid phenolic counter tops of  Resistop, this integration of products means that the customer has custom colored casework to meet the architectural or personnel needs of the lab.