VGA-101 Detector

Product Description

The VGA-101 is the latest advancement in vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) detection featuring an expanded wavelength spectrum and a higher allowable maximum operating temperature. It builds on the innovations pioneered by the world’s first benchtop VUV spectrometer, the VGA-100. The VGA-100 is a universal mass-sensitive gas chromatography (GC) detector that provides both qualitative and quantitative data with excellent sensitivity and selectivity. The VGA-101 was designed as a next generation detector that addresses advanced application requirements.

Learn more about the latest innovation in Vacuum Ultraviolet spectroscopy.

An expanded wavelength spectrum of 120 – 430 nm provides unique selectivity for complex structures such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The ability to operate the VUV detector as high as 430 °C allows the analysis of high boiling point compounds.

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